Compete in the Teaquan Games or cheer your Lodge on at the Wask West Conclave, September 17-19 at Fire Mountain!

The Teaquan Games will have 5 legs to the race. Running (1 person), canoeing (2 people), mountain biking (1 person), archery (1 person), and a secret event (2 people) that will be revealed at the start of the race. In total each lodge will need to supply 7 members to compete. If any lodge is unable to fill a 7 person roster they can recruit from other lodges or double up events. Lodges may enter adviser teams if they wish to compete for ultimate bragging rights (however, there is no award for the adults). Important note: the canoers will need to pass a swim check most likely Saturday morning. More details will be given on arrival to Conclave.

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