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Momentum Launch | A National Virtual Event | August 4-6

Sign up today for Momentum Launch! This virtual National event will feature a variety of games, trainings and unique competitions from the evening of August 4-August 6!

Experience a Nation-wide Kahoot, OA Gameshows, a cooking competition between the Region Chiefs (West Is Best), intriguing training sessions about topics like unit elections and Chapter success and a special address from Dr. Robert M. Gates at Momentum Launch!

Momentum Launch will be streamed on two simultaneous streams. Anyone can view the livestreams for free. Some events will be broadcast on both streams while certain events, like particular training sessions, will only be available on one stream or the other. As a registered delegate, you will have access to all 35 hours of content to watch and rewatch at your leisure.

Registered delegates will receive:

  • A mailed patch.
  • Access to an archive of streamed program content to view anytime.
  • A chance to participate in the event-wide game.
  • Access to the event’s community platform to connect with Arrowmen from across the nation.
  • Additional opportunities for engagement and interaction.

Register today at: https://oa-bsa.org/momentum

Check out the event schedule: https://momentum.oa-bsa.org/schedule/

Save The Date! Conclave at Camp Fire Mountain!

Mark your calendar and join your brothers in the Order of the Arrow for Conclave 2020, September 18-20 at camp Fire Mountain! Inspired by the epic ‘Pax West’ videogame convention, ‘Wask West: Level Up Together’ will celebrate our brotherhood of cheerful service and the best of Camp Fire Mountain through interactive shows, Lodge competitions, Ceremonies, various videogame themed events, shooting sports and a zip-line over the lake among other endeavors!

Registration coming soon.

Section W-1N News

155 days to Conclave!

Today April 16th marks 155 days to conclave. See everyone at Fire Mountain in September.

Act Conference Cancelled

The current plans in place for the 2020 act conference have been canceled. The act conference will no longer be taking place on May 9th. This is in the best interest of the arrowmen across our section due to the out break of the COVID- 19 virus. We are still committed to provide training and support to the lodges of section W-1N. More information too fallow about new plans for the Act Conference.

ACT Conference

May 9th 2020 Section W-1N Will Be holding its first annual ACT Conference. Taking place at the Chief Seattle Council Scout Office. This new conference is an opportunity for lodge leadership from across the section to learn and work together to help their home lodges thrive into future years. Come join the Section leadership as well as the 2020 National Chief and Western Region Chief at the 2020 Act conference. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Upcoming CoC Retreat!

The CoC is having a retreat weekend January 31st to February 1st.

The youth of our CoC are asked to be at Camp Pigott by 6:00 p.m. for the retreat portion of the of the weekend.

The formal CoC meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and conclude around 4:00 p.m.

Some items to bring are as follows: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad or cot, Uniform, casual clothes, note taking utensils, snacks, and a water bottle

Lodge Chiefs please bring a yearly calendar and a report form 2019. We will also be reviewing your Thrive webinar goals, so bring those as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Camp Pigott on January 31st.

Upcoming CoC Meeting

Attention all Lodge Chiefs, Advisers, CoC members, and CvC’s.

The second CoC meeting of the year has been scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd. The meeting will be held at the Puget Sound Scout Shop.

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NLS At Camp Piggot A Success

By: Braden Frost – Sikhs Mox Brotherhood Member

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Section W-1N to offer scholarships for NLS

Looking for another reason to go to NLS, April 26th threw the 28th at camp Pigott?

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Upcoming CoC Meeting

Attention all Lodge Chiefs, Advisers, CoC members, and CvC’s.

The first CoC meeting of the year as been scheduled for Saturday, March 9th. The meeting will be held at the Wooden Cross Lutheran Church in Woodinville.

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Conclave 2019 is fast approaching

Conclave 2019 is fast approaching. This year’s upcoming conclave hosted by Nanuk lodge in Anchorage will be a weekend you will not want to miss.

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