Attention all Lodge Chiefs, Advisers, CoC members, and CvC’s.

The second CoC meeting of the year has been scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd. The meeting will be held at the Puget Sound Scout Shop.

The meeting will begin at 10 and will end by 4 p.m. It will cover this lots on this years Conclave and lodge best practices.

Lodge Chief’s, Advisers, and CvC’s are asked to be in attendance either physically or through a conference call, that number to be provided at a later date.

Lodge Chiefs are asked to come with a update on the status of their lodges from the last CoC meeting and an updated Conclave attendance amount.

CvC’s should come with an update of where they are in planning there Conclave areas.

The address for the scout shop is the following: 3120 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144