Please arrive between 6pm-11pm on Friday or if you need to arrive on Saturday please arrive between 8am-11am. Please do not arrive earlier, as our staff will be working hard to get Camp ready for you.

When you arrive, staff will direct you were to park your car in the parking lot. Please note that you will be required to carry all of your gear to your campsite (1/8 a mile- 1/4 a mile). You will not be allowed to drive into camp.

Once you have all your gear and medical form you will be guided up to the dining hall where you will check in with the staff at the registration desk and receive your campsite assignment.

Each lodge will be given specific campsites, please only use your lodges assigned campsites. Campsites have adirondacks, open style cabin (sleeps 8), stents, small adirondacks (sleeps 3), and tent platforms, wooden Platform to set up a personal tent. Due to the limited number of stents and adirondacks, we do ask you to BRING YOUR OWN TENT if you have one. Camp has no mattresses so please also bring our own sleeping pad. In each campsite there are restrooms with flushing toilets and electricity however, showers are centrally located at the youth and adult shower houses.

Recommended Gear
In order to check-in you will be REQUIRED TO HAVE A BSA MEDICAL FORM PARTS A AND B. As always, a scout is prepared so take your 10 essentials, clothing for 2 days, your BSA Field Uniform with a sash, a tent and any other camping gear. Dinner will not be provided Friday so please bring your own or eat before.

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