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Section G15 ACT Conference 2022

The Adapt, Collaborate, Thrive (ACT) Conference will bring all Lodge and Chapter leaders in the section together to hear from some of the OA’s top leaders, share best practices, and brainstorm solutions to common problems.

ACT will be an in person and online event, happening 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, April 23, 2022 at the Chief Seattle Scout office. All current and aspiring Lodge and Chapter leaders and advisers encouraged to attend.

Sign up to reserve your spot at the Section G15 ACT Conference today!

See you at ACT!

Section G15 News

Apply to Help Plan Conclave!

Do you want to help plan Conclave next year at Camp Parsons? As a Conclave Vice Chief or as a member of a Conclave Committee you can do exactly that, helping plan a portion of Conclave, and working with the other CVCs and section officers on the Council of Chiefs to bring a fantastic Conclave to the section!

Applications for CVC and Conclave Committee positions are now open. Check out https://forms.gle/PZgajy6ui5cJ6KL67 to apply!

Conclave is Today!

Hi Everyone,

Conclave is finally here!

As you prepare to venture up to Fire Mountain Scout Camp for Conclave, please take a look at these important announcements and reminders.

  1. Health and Safety

All attendees must complete the attached COVID-19 waiver. You must also complete parts A and B of the BSA Medical Form.

You can read all about our health and safety protocols on the Before We Get Started… page on our website 

  1. Travel Advisory

Check out the following Travel Advisory. Due to ongoing construction on SR 9 between Lake McMurray and Arlington we’re advising all Northbound I-5 travellers to stay on Interstate 5 and connect to SR 9 via SR 534. Check out

https://www.wsdot.com/traffic/trafficalerts/default.aspx for more information.

  1. Section Office

All youth Arrowmen who are a part of Nanuk, Nisqually, Sikhs Mox Lamonti, T’Kope Kwiskwis, or Toontuk Lodges are able to run for Section office (Section Chief, Vice Chief or Secretary). To be eligible, you must receive a letter of endorsement from your Scout Executive.

  1. Check out the Saturday morning Training Schedule 

We are excited to announce our Saturday morning Training schedule. Check it out and plan out your class schedule!

  1. Need Dinner Tonight (Friday?) Sikhs Mox has you covered!

Our host lodge, Sikhs Mox Lamonti will be serving delicious burgers on the Friday night of Conclave. For more information, check out the attached form.

On behalf of the Council of Chiefs, we cannot wait to see you at Fire Mountain for the Wask West Conclave!

  1. Check out the schedule below!

Registration opens at 6pm. The opening show starts at 9. Safe travels to Conclave!

On site registration will be available.

Let’s level up and I’ll see you at Conclave!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Sam Taylor

Conclave Travel Advisory

We’re excited to welcome you to Fire Mountain Scout Camp to celebrate the return of conclave back to Washington State for the first time since 2018!

Due to ongoing construction on SR 9 between Lake McMurray and Arlington we’re advising you take a detour through Interstate 5

We cant wait to see you at conclave

Section W-1N COC

Before We Get Started…

Conclave is coming up in just a few days, and we could not be more excited to be able to do it this year! That being said, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few changes to this year’s Conclave that you should be aware of.

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Section Officer Elections

Section W-1N officer elections will be held at Conclave! Youth Arrowmen in Nanuk, Nisqually, Sikhs Mox Lamonti, T’Kope Kwiskwis and Toontuk Lodges are eligible to run.

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Conclave Registration Now Live!

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Section W-1N conclave is now live! Happening September 17th- 19th 2021 at Fire Mountain Scout Camp, Conclave is an amazing opportunity to meet Arrowmen from across the section and have fun along the way. To register and learn more about the event visit the Conclave Page!

Whales Tale Reboot! | April, 2021

Indeed, the Whale’s Tale is Back! This Earth Day, the section takes steps towards a sustainable future by transitioning our Section Newsletter from print to digital!

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Announcing Conclave 2021 Theme!

The theme of the 2021 W-1N Conclave is Wask West: Level Up Together! Click here to register for Conclave!

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