Hello Everyone!

My name is Sam Taylor. I’m an Eagle Scout from Troop 48 in Olympia, WA and a Vigil Honor member of Nisqually Lodge #155

My main goal as chief is to Build our Brotherhood. What exactly does Build our Brotherhood mean? I’m glad you asked because you have a role to play.

Building our brotherhood means optimizing our inductions season to welcome as many Arrowmen as possible to the Order.

Inductions and activation is just step one of course. Building our Brotherhood also means ensuring that each Arrowman finds a sense of belonging in their Lodge that keeps them coming back. It means providing a plethora of opportunities for Arrowmen to come together in fellowship.

Section W-1N spans a huge area. In fact, our section is the largest section based on domestic land mass. While we are all eager to get back together (and we have several opportunities to do just that in 2021!) virtual events proved that Arrowmen from North Pole, AK to Chehalis WA can connect more than just once a year at Conclave. You can anticipate virtual events from section-wide game nights to our inaugural ACT Conference for current and aspiring lodge and chapter leaders and advisers on May 8th.

We also hope to get back together in-person as a section, September 17-19 for Conclave 2021 at Fire Mountain Scout Camp!
You can learn about our concalve theme and register to get updates about concalve here!

So, what’s your role in Building our Brotherhood? Do what you do best! Continue to be a servant leader in your unit and greater community. Participate as much as you can in the programs of your lodge and chapter and invite a friend who might not have been to an event in a while to attend the next Chapter meeting, Lodge event or Conclave!

If you would like to join the Section W-1N communications or training teams or Conclave staff, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me either through your lodge chief or directly via email.

Thank you!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Sam Taylor

2020-2021 Section W-1N Chief