Conclave early registration is now closed. However you can register onsite for Conclave Friday night starting at 6pm in the Pigott Dining Hall

This year, Conclave will be hosted by T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge at Camp Pigott on September 15-17, 2017. Arrowmen will have the opportunity to network with people from across Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and further!

The cost of conclave is $70 for onsite registration. However an early-bird discount of $20 is available for everyone who registers online. Any new arrowmen who have gone through their ordeal since the last conclave (September 18, 2016) is eligible for the new arrowman discount of $25

What is Conclave?

A weekend full of a wide range of activities, great food, training courses and shows. All of which share the same goal of uniting us in brotherhood! This year is not a year to miss out on!


Conclave 2017 is going to be filled with fun for everyone! Here is the most important information you need to know so that you don’t miss it:


2017 Section W-1N Conclave




September 15th – 17th, 2017


Camp Pigott, WA


New Member Preregistration – $45
Online Registration (Closes September 10th) – $50
On Site Registration – $70

What to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag & pad
  • Necessary Medications
  • Registration Fee (if you are paying at door)
  • Part A & B Medical Form
  • Activity clothes
  • Full Scout uniform and OA Sash
  • Money for auctions, trading post
  • A cheerful spirit ready to have a great time at Conclave.


Each lodge will be given specific campsites, please only use your lodges assigned campsites. Campsites have adirondacks, open style cabin (sleeps 8), stents, small adirondacks (sleeps 3), and tent platforms, wooden Platform to set up a personal tent. Due to the limited number of stents and adirondacks, we do ask you to BRING YOUR OWN TENT if you have one. Camp has no mattresses so please also bring our own sleeping pad. In each campsite there are restrooms with flushing toilets and electricity however, showers are centrally located at the youth and adult shower houses.


All conclave participants and staff should park in the Pigott parking lot unless otherwise directed. Personal vehicles will not be allowed in camp during conclave.


There are several ways that participants will receive information while at Conclave.

  • Pay attention to any signs/notices around conclave
  • Listen for important announcements during Flags and shows.
  • Social Media: Follow us on Social Media for announcements, reminders, special moments, and behind-the-scenes footage. You can follow us @sectionw1n on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Vist our Resources Page for more information.