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Sign up today for Momentum Launch! This virtual National event will feature a variety of games, trainings and unique competitions from the evening of August 4-August 6!

Experience a Nation-wide Kahoot, OA Gameshows, a cooking competition between the Region Chiefs (West Is Best), intriguing training sessions about topics like unit elections and Chapter success and insightful interviews with National and Scouting leaders.

Momentum Launch will be streamed on two simultaneous streams. Anyone can view the livestreams for free. Some events will be broadcast on both streams while certain events, like particular training sessions, will only be available on one stream or the other. As a registered delegate, you will have access to all 35 hours of content to watch and rewatch at your leisure.

Registered delegates will receive:

  • A mailed patch.
  • Access to an archive of streamed program content to view anytime.
  • A chance to participate in the event-wide game.
  • Access to the event’s community platform to connect with Arrowmen from across the nation.
  • Additional opportunities for engagement and interaction.

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