Happy Holidays Section W-1N!

No matter what holiday(s) you may celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

The leadership core has been busy for the last couple of weeks, shifting through the many good CVC applications, and although it was a tough decision, I am pleased to announce who the 2017 Conclave Vice Chiefs will be:

Activities CVC: Russell Schmidt
ICE CVC: Jacob Thornton
Merchandising CVC: Tegan Yuasa
Media Creation CVC: Sebastian Boice
Shows CVC: Alaric Ganger
Special Events CVC: John Paul Gaston
Training CVC: Antonyo Mitchell
Technology CVC: Eric Cater

“For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest!” …and all of you are *truly* great!! Thank you to all the applicants for your service to the OA, community, and your family. Even if you didn’t get a committee lead position this year, we still have committee member positions available, starting in early February.

With that said, here’s to a cheerful, lively holiday season from us to you!!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Kyle McCaffery

Section W-1N Chief