2017 CVC Job Descriptions

Want to help plan 2017’s Conclave?

Here are the Conclave Vice Chief position descriptions. You can apply for up to three of the following Conclave Vice Chief positions.



The Activities Conclave Vice Chief is in charge of planning all the fun stuff that happens at Conclave. Whether it be a bouncy castle, rock climbing, free cotton candy, dunk tank, or all of the above and more – the Activities CVC job is a blast.


Inductions and Ceremonial Events

The Inductions and Ceremonial Events CVC is in charge of organizing all the inductions and ceremonial events at Conclave.



The Merchandising Conclave Vice Chief works with Arrowmen and the surrounding community to procure items for the auction and trading post at Conclave. He also will be working with the Technology CVC and appropriate advisers to maintain an online trading post. This job is essential to helping keep the costs of Conclave down and provide scholarship opportunities to the section’s youth.


Media Creation

The Media Creation CVC generates content such as pictures, news stories, interesting articles, and promotional materials to update the section with. To accomplish this goal, he is expected to lead a committee and work closely with the Technology CVC.


Service Council

The Service Council CVC should evaluate the conclave experience from the perspective of Arrowmen from another lodge, from the moment they arrive, to the time they leave… “put yourself in their shoes.” Take the time to consider how their experience can be made easier and better, and exceed their expectations… that’s the stuff that brotherhood is made from! They will be working closely with every CVC to make sure their needs are met.



The Shows Conclave Vice Chief gets to write the scripts and put on all the Conclave shows for the guests. Creativity and enthusiasm is highly encouraged for this position!


Special Events

The Special Events CVC puts on any activity/meeting that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the other CVCs. Typically, this includes the VIA luncheon, chapter chief breakfast, and religious services.



The Technology CVC works closely with the Media Creation CVC and Section Secretary to support and maintain communications. This includes, but is not limited to the section’s website, social media, and newsletters.They will have a great opportunity to improve upon their HTML and PHP coding experience by working on a live website environment under the guidance of selected capable adults.



The Training CVC acts of the head dean of Teaquan Wask University – he plans all aspects of the training including but not limited to: identifying which classes people want to take, organizing quality trainers, and working with the Service Council CVC to identify potential training locations.


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