You’ve been to Conclave before… but have you ever been to one outside the continental US? That’s what almost 200 Arrowmen got to experience this September at Section W-1N’s annual Conclave hosted by the Nanuk Lodge at Camp Gorsuch in Anchorage, Alaska. W-1N, boasting the nation’s largest section by area, put on this year’s event as the furthest-north section Conclave held across the nation in 2016 (and the second most northern in the Order’s history). The far-out (and far-north) location, however, proved to be only part of fun.

Friday night started off with a bang at the opening show where “W-1N Kenobi” introduced participants to the event’s mission of finding “the next Section Jedi” and building the bonds of fellowship between each and every Arrowmen. The event’s theme The Circle is Now Complete allowed attendees to explore not only the feud between W-1N Kenobi and Darth Gold Loops, but also to reflect on the completing of the 100-year circle in 2015 and the beginning of a new one.

Saturday began a new day! After a brisk Polar Bear Swim the chilly Alaskan weather kept attendees focused during their courses at Teaquan Wask University as they worked towards their degrees in Chapter and Lodge Leadership, Ceremonies and Inductions, and even Outdoor Adventure. All morning participants gained useful knowledge on new, innovative programs inspired by this summer’s NEXT conference!

After an extensive Lodge yell battle in the dining hall, afternoon activities commenced; filled with bouncy houses, sno-cones, and dunk tanks galore. No one was safe from the dunk tank – Lodge Chiefs, Section Officers, and even wild animals like Nanook the polar bear, Ollie the Orca, and the 2016 OA National Vice Chief Tyler Inberg (the weekend’s special guest) faced to plunge into the icy depths below.

The evening simmered down after a delicious meal and youth members took part in the great democratic Conclave tradition: the election of next year’s Section Officers. National Vice Chief Tyler Inberg officiated the election of Kyle McCaffery, 2016-17 Section Chief, Levi Casto, 2016-17 Section Vice Chief, and Mac Richards, 2016-17 Section Secretary, who will lead Section W-1N in the next year.

On Sunday, after the closing recognition show attendees made their trips home; giving them time to reflect on the events of the weekend. Many discovered that a Conclave with so many people from so far away allowed everyone to become more invested in the event. Each participant took something different away. Given the time and investment involved in making the trip together each brother grew closer in the last frontier.

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